Commission Prices

Commission Prices//

digital Sketch Commission Prices

Basic pin-up guide.

1 character = Usd$15.00

2 characters = USD$20.00

3 characters = USD$25.00

4 characters = USD$30.00

5 characters = USD$35.00

6 characters = USD$40.00

Screen toned/greyscale: no additional cost just ask

Colored: +20$

Simple Background(int. , Ext.) +10$

Exclusivity (the piece will not be posted online by me or used on published or printed works, like Calendars or Prints) USD $+45.00

Commission Rules

But remember!!!!

(please read them carefully)

– The piece will be digital. I work with a tablet, so i will not mail you the original piece because it doesn’t exist. I will send a high-res image file to your email.

– No existing people. I will not draw real people’s faces, including you. You can ask for Captain Jack Sparrow, but

– You can request a commission to . Please write the type of commission you want, which options do you choose (additional features, background, …) and your idea. Please be as clear and detailed as possible.

– A commission request will be ignored if you request: underage characters, yaoi, scat or guro. Violence is A-OK. baby!

– After i accept your commission request i will send you a sketch. That is the only moment i will correct the piece.

– Ways to pay the commission: up front or for orders over $50.00usd you can pay half upfront then the rest of the total sum at completion.

– The rates are just a general guideline. Each commission is different so we will discuss the final price together

Remember payments only via paypal. =