Brain Dead EP

This was the cover I designed for the Arcade Destiny EP Brain Dead. wen’t for a cyberpunk, lost in the machine kind of vibe. you can check it out over here

Nagi Nukes

So I did this to take a break from my re-drawing of Shonen Punk! vol. 1( i’m on CH 4 Tenshi’s first appearance, if you wanna know. 😛 ) She’s loosely based off Nagi Nemoto of Nijicon fame. only cuz she’s my current jpop crush LOLOL

Emily Hunter (gift art)

This is an illo I did for my dear friend Emily. She had dyed her hair to such a vibrant color, i loved it so much i wanted to commemorate it with a new drawing of her with said colorful locks! lol so here it is!

Lisa Marie

Wanted to do this for a very long time, but I kept putting it aside. Lol so here it is @lisamariecantouchlimits lol done entirely in clip studio paint

Shonen Punk’s Paide aka P-Chan

So i needed some art for a cast page and didn’t have any usable images so I decided to draw a new pic of P-Chan as seen in the pages of Shonen Punk as the Firewall zero and the Shonen Punk Brigade’s Mechanic/engineer.

Bobby rumtits – 2017

Alright! Here’s a nice little update of #thegoddamnpantybrigade ‘s bobby rumtits aka the ever fabulous @sparklefartsog #bustybabes #ecchi#mangaka #comicart #comicartist #girlswithglasses #andehsgirls #curvybabes


the girl’s name is Cinderella Flamewar. the evil Dude is kobra kai. cuz i fucking can. lol Created her years ago, but at least she did make a walk-on role in Mega Maiden! as seen here: mega vs choppy II pt5

Annie Mayhem

she’s pretty much the reason why otaku should never be given anything that can let them do whatever they want. essentially she has these gloves that give her green lantern-esque abilities. if she can think it she can make it. albeit temporarily. she’s kinda nuts. thinks she’s some kinda goth-rock sailor scout of doom lol … Read moreAnnie Mayhem

The Drunk Death Dealerz s/t Demo

Did this for me and my bro’s manly acoustic band(we ended up becoming a full punk-metal pirate band). I just ordered a pro mic so hopefully well suck less when that gets here haha listen to us here: [link] wall of text:Drunk Death Dealerz are an Acoustic Metal Pirate Punk band from Whittier, Ca. The DDD … Read moreThe Drunk Death Dealerz s/t Demo


ALRIGHT! This took me liek 5 hours from start to finish!!! I’m excited! I tried some things i haven’t before it was funArtwork © 2012 Andeh PinkardCCD,cyber cheez duo © & ℱ Andeh Pinkard & Alex Barba jr.