Angela Dynamite

This is Angela Dynamite the Goddamn Pantry brigade’s resident ammo chunker ;D She has massive tits LOL

Batter up!

I love her glowing bat of win or as she calls it “Sexcaliber.” ;D i swear she’s like the tittyville slugger hahahaThis is garnet. she’s the leader of teh goddamn panty brigade.

Lizzy Lobotomy

This is lizzy Lobotomy. the Panty brigade’s personal tenchy who would of known playing video games since the 80s would make you a computer nerd.

Cheezman promo art

promo art for a comic I had started but never actually got to complete.  I created this dude back in 1997!

cera tohnen

Here’s a nice warm up sketch+ lol Character for a comic i’m going to eventually write a one-shot for. I don’t wanna give too many hints but it is defintely takes place FAAARRRR in the future!