Nagi Nukes

So I did this to take a break from my re-drawing of Shonen Punk! vol. 1( i’m on CH 4 Tenshi’s first appearance, if you wanna know. 😛 ) She’s loosely based off Nagi Nemoto of Nijicon fame. only cuz she’s my current jpop crush LOLOL

Emily Hunter (gift art)

This is an illo I did for my dear friend Emily. She had dyed her hair to such a vibrant color, i loved it so much i wanted to commemorate it with a new drawing of her with said colorful locks! lol so here it is!

Lisa Marie

Wanted to do this for a very long time, but I kept putting it aside. Lol so here it is @lisamariecantouchlimits lol done entirely in clip studio paint

Shonen Punk’s Paide aka P-Chan

So i needed some art for a cast page and didn’t have any usable images so I decided to draw a new pic of P-Chan as seen in the pages of Shonen Punk as the Firewall zero and the Shonen Punk Brigade’s Mechanic/engineer.

Bobby rumtits – 2017

Alright! Here’s a nice little update of #thegoddamnpantybrigade ‘s bobby rumtits aka the ever fabulous @sparklefartsog #bustybabes #ecchi#mangaka #comicart #comicartist #girlswithglasses #andehsgirls #curvybabes