Cover art for the Arcade Destiny EP ‘Right in the feels’ you can check it out on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms and digital stores

The Drunk Death Dealerz s/t Demo

Did this for me and my bro’s manly acoustic band(we ended up becoming a full punk-metal pirate band). I just ordered a pro mic so hopefully well suck less when that gets here haha listen to us here: [link] wall of text:Drunk Death Dealerz are an Acoustic Metal Pirate Punk band from Whittier, Ca. The DDD … Read moreThe Drunk Death Dealerz s/t Demo


your coastal sunset driving visuals and palm tree-lined dreams of street racing do not turn me on.I chug chrome 40oz and spit neon blood onto your obnoxious wayfarers.f**k your dreams!this is reality.the future is s**t, and we own it. we are the OUTRUN PUNKS!RISE OF THE OUTRUN PUNKS by GhostDrive

YEAR III: 365 days of cyb3rwhores and neon classwar

it’s that time of year again! time to collect all the EP releases from 2015 and put em into our annual collection. for your convinience! it’s set to 5$ but please pay what ever you feel this is worth! 🙂 YEAR III: 365 days of cyb3rwhores and neon classwar by GhostDrive

the shadow network

the city asphyxiates on corporate greed and corruption. when those too weak to stand up for themselves need a savior they turn to an unlikely hero, a phantom of the grid – the ghostdrive, but no insurgent is without allies. when the shit hits the fan he calls on his network of friends and family … Read morethe shadow network