Sailor Moon redraw challenge 2020

So i thought I’d jump in on this #sailormoonredrawchallenge since i never do any draw challenges lol #sailormoon #sailormoonredraw

redesign: Green Lantern

I didn’t deviate from the usual costume much, to be honest. But I did think it would be cool to have a psychobilly green lantern since they love green and purple so damn much haha I even gave him GREEN tiger print LOL

I haet Skuld

lol i’ve always hated skuld from Oh! my goddess lol….A L W A Y S!!!!

Ben 10 fan art/redesign

so yeah i think ben 10 is © man of action.any watys heres that redisgn that was suggested to me by I liked him but I dunno how I feel about this. lol he looks like i created him now haha

DC’s PowerGirl

Well Here it goes, my first time like EVERRRR drawing DC’s Powergirl 😀 shes my all time fav from DC actually she’s teh reason i started reading DC lol powergirl © DC comics

90’s April o’neil (tmnt)

I totally intended to only do this as a sketch, buuuuttt it’s friggin’ April god***n O’Neil! how can I NOT want to finish this?! omg April was like the first fictional character I probably had a crush on i was like 8 or 9 when this show was aired. man the beginning of what could … Read more90’s April o’neil (tmnt)

Batman redesign

basically This set i’m working on is going to be a kinda liek DC universe as if created by Andeh. Now let’s talk about batman. I know the design is a tad bit big daddy – but it wasn’t my initial intention. but i do think a real good bat man needs to have good … Read moreBatman redesign