I just thought I’d let you know(in case you had doubts lololol), that *I AM* working on the next groperion page!

–and for those wondering I’m in the planning stages for a TGPB (The Goddamn Panty Brigade) prequel story that takes place during Gar and Lizzy’s High school years, and I plan on maybe a Tights!(the name of all mega maiden/megaverse shorts) comic or two. and of course once the updates of Shonen Punk! catch up on we will see new pages of that here too!

I’ve been hard at work on the Teabeer Comics website that’s why you haven’t seen anything new. but hey drop by the site and let me know how you like it so far! it will always be in a flux of change as its growth has always been very organic and changes with the growth of the Teabeer multiverse(s)

thanks for sticking through with me during this long hiatus! I love you guys and welcome all input!

luv u with mouth,

Teh Andeh!

party on!



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