Crystalena Quest #1 Now On Comixology!

Great news! you can know read Crystalena Quest on Comixology. Copy: The Crystalena QuestKidd has but one dream, to find the legendary vagrant planet Crystalena and use it’s powers cosmic to become king of the stars! About : Legend says who ever can lay claim to the legendary wandering planet Crystalena will be granted mysterious … Read moreCrystalena Quest #1 Now On Comixology!

The Goddamn Panty Brigade #1 (press release)

The Goddamn Panty Brigade #1 (press release) just in time for the holidays, The Goddamn Panty Brigade #1 makes it’s way onto the scene for the first time from EcchiMagic Press Teabeer Comics! This issue collects the original two The Goddamn Panty Brigade stories “rise of the pantycons” and “ASSests that don’t recess” For the … Read moreThe Goddamn Panty Brigade #1 (press release)

Chaos Runners

yeah i put a lot of thought into how i wanted to tell this story. its integral i think in a world about chaotic female leads, the story structure it self needs to appear chaotic but be thoroughly planned out. like a form of controlled chaos 🙂 subscribe on tapastic for future updates!