Mega Maiden season 2

Collecting the end of the original run of my superhero action-comedy series Mega Maiden.


Mega Maiden tries her hardest to keep moving forward after losing her best friend Dee Dee aka The Chop Chop Princess. It’s been a tough few months since Dee Dee decided to go back home to return to a life of crime, like the rest of her family.

The last thing she ever expected was to bump into her on the job! How will Mega Maiden get over this new hurdle and manage to keep doing her best to find her place in the ever-daunting world of superheroes?

96pg GN/Trade collecting the first season(Issues #6-9) of Mega Maiden.

It is standard-sized, black and white, and printed on 60# Cream/Off White Uncoated paper. (rated Teen+)

Ships bagged and boarded within a rigid mailer.


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