Brain Dead EP

This was the cover I designed for the Arcade Destiny EP Brain Dead. wen’t for a cyberpunk, lost in the machine kind of vibe. you can check it out over here

Cover art for the Arcade Destiny EP ‘Right in the feels’ you can check it out on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms and digital stores

Arcade Destiny – All I need is you [EP]

My first Summer themed Album from Arcade destiny! more specifically the EP is about the want and and the inevitable loss of the legendary Summer fling! Dedicated to the #internet harem xD <3 buy it at bandcamp (pay what you want – pricing) released September 15, 2016

RetroFORCE – Neon Angeles synthforce EP

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”visual=true&liking=false&sharing=false&auto_play=false&show_comments=false&continuous_play=false&origin=tumblr” width=”100%” height=”500″ iframe=”true” /]   in the distant future of Neon Angeles when the city is over ran with scum bags and lowlifes, the city turns to the only unit capable of cleaning this corrupted city. these brothers punch throats and read you your rights when they feel like it, they are … Read moreRetroFORCE – Neon Angeles synthforce EP

Arcade Destiny – Space bastard LP

the first full-length Album by Arcade Destiny has arrived!!!‪#‎spacebastard‬ ‪#‎synthwave‬ ‪#‎retrowave‬buy at bandcamp!= tracks!He travels the universe searching for Queens to plunder and princesses to deflower. no one knows where he comes from, or when he’ll strike. He is the nightmare of fathers and emperors alike. he is….. SPACE BASTARD!  <a href=””>space bastard! by … Read moreArcade Destiny – Space bastard LP