your coastal sunset driving visuals and palm tree-lined dreams of street racing do not turn me on.I chug chrome 40oz and spit neon blood onto your obnoxious wayfarers.f**k your dreams!this is reality.the future is s**t, and we own it. we are the OUTRUN PUNKS!RISE OF THE OUTRUN PUNKS by GhostDrive

Dominion of the Night

when night falls upon The city, she transforms. it as a whole new world; the nightlands. . governed by a very different set of rulers, whose enforcers the moon chasers – enforce the new laws of the rulers of the nightlands. all hail the night lords!!!! dominion of the Night by GhostDrive

Back to the road

Eventually all paths lead back to THE ROAD. but no one knows where the road ends and where the roads starts. Back to the road by GhostDrive

High​-​class Tech – Low​-​class hearts

This was a sonic journey to find an in-between, a neutral zone that exists somewhere between the bludmottotraffika Album and the current Shindatropolis II EP. I hope you enjoy it! High-class Tech – Low-class hearts by GhostDrive

YEAR III: 365 days of cyb3rwhores and neon classwar

it’s that time of year again! time to collect all the EP releases from 2015 and put em into our annual collection. for your convinience! it’s set to 5$ but please pay what ever you feel this is worth! 🙂 YEAR III: 365 days of cyb3rwhores and neon classwar by GhostDrive