2016 has a heart that burns hotter than a 1000 suns, and pumps pure magma. 2016 is GAR as fuck.

so if 2015 was the year of “omg feelings matter”

then 2016 has thusb proved by taking away all our heroes and icons, that idgaf about our feelings, its telling you to grind you teeth and take whats coming to you , cuz it’s heart is fire its eyes ┬áburn like helllfire.


2016 is GAR* as fuck!



    • Gar has different meanings on the /a/ (Anime & Manga) and /m/ (Mecha) boards on 4chan. On /a/, the term typically refers to strong, masculine and stoic characters, while it refers to more aggressive, loud and boisterous characters on /m/. The term has been compared to the Ancient Roman concept of Virtus,[4] a virtue associated with perceived masculine strengths such as courage, honor and worth.

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