Ghostdrive megamix 80

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so, sunday is my birthday!!! Turning Thirty-si–*ahem* 26…. Yeahhhh….. Lol older musician/music producers/artist guys are hot to girls of legal consent age+ right?. If so I’m turning 36 on January 17th.
If not… I’m twenty something lol XD

so unless i miraculously put together  megamix 81 by thursday, this is going to be my b-day megamix!  kinda cool miegamix 80, and i was born in 1980!!! 😀 sooo rad if you feel inclined to gift me go buy something off my bandcamp instead lol 😉


At the beginning and end of every week(mondays and thursdays) i share synth and all bass heavy or brutal music i feel build a dark cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic musical landscape.

a big thanks to those of you making awesome music!! remember support the musicians guys!

also add your neo retro cyberpunk tracks to Synthtropolis!

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