TGPB Garnet 2020 Redesign

New redesigns/updates for The NEW Panty Brigade Sequel “The Goddamn Panty Brigade: wasteland struggle”

Shonen Punk’s Paide aka P-Chan

So i needed some art for a cast page and didn’t have any usable images so I decided to draw a new pic of P-Chan as seen in the pages of Shonen Punk as the Firewall zero and the Shonen Punk Brigade’s Mechanic/engineer.


Just fleshing out Cinder a bit. before I take any huge leaps and start truly working on this. just FYI Flamewar is not part of the shonen punk continuity. it’s definitely part of theĀ Fighting SpiritĀ Mega Maiden universe though.

Kobra Kai

Also originally created for flamewar. this is kobra kai. he is a big dawg . woof.