Don’t Freak OUT!!!

lol i don’t want any of y’all to start thinking your seeing things or imagining things that wrent there before. You will start seeing some, and eventually, all comic disappear from

BUT DO NOT FRET MY YOUNG PURVEYORS OF LOWBROW SCIFI/SUPERHERO/slice-o-life/ACTION/ADVENTURE COMEDY GOODNESS! for it is only because we are slowly importing them allllll to the soon-to-be-public Teabeer Comics(formerly geekriot comics,pinkard comix and yes TEABEER STUDIOS) Website. where each comic will have its own site in the teabeer network! how fun is that? 😀 So far ⌈Shonen Punk!⌋ and ⌈The Goddamn Panty Brigade⌋ have been successfully imported, and i’m currently working on importing ⌈Mega Maiden⌋, which yes includes (or rather WILL) the ⌈Tights! “tales from the rooftops to the blacktops⌋ comic shorts, and the fan favorite spin-offs ⌈I hate superhumans⌋ and ⌈The Mighty A.V Club⌋. with the rest to follow shortly!

so more news on that too! so for now stay frosty my ecchi otaku geek punks and punkettes!

-from the melting pot or is that smelting? xD that is Southern California, I remain ever vigilant of your GF’s boobies lolol

Teh Andeh signing out!