What’s the hold up, eh?!

I just thought i should let you know why there’s been such a hold up on Art, comic updates, getting font licenses out and so on and so forth~


I’ve been working on the still not officially live teabeer comics site/network. I had upload all of Shonen Punk! And megamaiden and started to post the back catalogue of the Goddamn panty brigade.   But then i noticed something.

During the import of the comics from this site the comic pages did not attach themselves to their posts. So I’ve had to reattach each comic to their corresponding post for all of mega maiden. And I’m about 75% done with the over a decade old archive of Shonen Punk!.So this its what’s been keeping me back  from working and finishing things in a timely matter. I ask that you be patient and please bare with me as i try to get us back on a working schedule!



Peace !


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