Mega Maiden season 2

Collecting the end of the original run of my superhero action-comedy series Mega Maiden. About: Mega Maiden tries her hardest to keep moving forward after losing her best friend Dee Dee aka The Chop Chop Princess. It’s been a tough few months since Dee Dee decided to go back home to return to a life … Read moreMega Maiden season 2

Brain Dead EP

This was the cover I designed for the Arcade Destiny EP Brain Dead. wen’t for a cyberpunk, lost in the machine kind of vibe. you can check it out over here

Cover art for the Arcade Destiny EP ‘Right in the feels’ you can check it out on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms and digital stores

Crystalena Quest

Alright so back in January I mentioned the start of a new project. That project was Crystalena Quest, My new non-mature-rated scifi comic. I’m happy to say that it started up publicly last month! and it will update on a fri-sat-sun schedule. You can read it for free on it’s official site!